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We are blessed that you would consider our school. We have been organized around the need to provide sound doctrinally and hermeneutically pure teaching of the Word of God, our Bible. We seek to provide high-quality teaching to both the lay community and to those who seek professional development in teaching the Word of God as a career.

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Areas of Study at SBI


Systematic TheologyThe Bible is no more a system of theology, than nature is a system of chemistry or of mechanics. We find in nature the facts which the chemist or the mechanical philosopher has to examine, and from them to ascertain the laws by which they are determined. So the Bible contains the truths, which the theologian has to collect, authenticate, arrange, and exhibit in their internal relation to each other. This constitutes the difference between biblical and systematic theology.

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Jewish StudiesJewish Studies will provide a comprehensive examination of the issues, history, and the setting of the State of Israel in the Middle East past, present, and future. On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was reborn as a sovereign nation. It had been 2,534 years since Israel was last an independent nation and never in world history has a previously destroyed nation regained its sovereignty.

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Christian Apologetics is the science and theological skill of giving a reasonable defense of the Christian faith. Christians are obligated to be apologists according to the exhortation given in 1Peter 3:15. Apologetics is not an option for the believer, but his duty and obligation. The purpose for Christian apologetics, first and foremost, is to present compelling factual truth and evidence for the validity of the Christian faith in the face of objections given by an unbelieving world.

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The world teaches that the universe came into being through evolutionary processes, but Scripture teaches that the Lord spoke it into existence by the breath of His mouth, and He did it in six normal days. We as Christians are required by God to defend His word, including His teaching of the Creation of the universe, the earth, and all life (1 Pet 3:15). Our school will prepare you to defend God’s teaching of how this universe and this world came into being and to easy refute evolution.

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Traditionally, ministerial training in the United States was very rigorous academically. Ministers regularly knew Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, and they were trained to use their minds in the ministry as much as their hearts. However, with the advent of the second Great Awakening, the emphasis upon ministerial training began to change. Ministerial students everywhere, as a rule, no longer seek to learn the Biblical languages to the best of their ability. Instead, they want to cut to the chase and learn how to do what they want to do with very little knowledge as a basis.

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Scofield Biblical Institute is accredited by The American Accreditation Association of Theological Institutions