About SBI

Scofield Biblical Institute (SBI) is a nonprofit educational subsidiary of Theology in Perspective, Inc. of Michigan. SBI is a Conservative Evangelical institution committed to providing quality, affordable, Christian education through distance learning. We have named our institution after one “Cyrus Ingerson Scofield,” (1843-1921), He was a Bible student and author, born in Lenawee County, Michigan, reared in Wilson County, Tennessee, and privately educated.

He fought in the Civil War from 1861-1865 under General Lee, his distinguished service earning him the Confederate Cross of Honor. Admitted to the Kansas bar in 1869, and elected to the Kansas House of Representatives where he served for one year. President Grant appointed him United States Attorney for Kansas in 1873.

He worked as a lawyer in Kansas and Missouri from 1869 to 1882. Converted at 36, he was ordained to the Congregational ministry in 1882, and served as pastor of the First Church, Dallas, Texas (1882-1895), and again (1902-1907); and of the Moody Church, Northfield, Massachusetts (1895-1902).

Later years were spent lecturing on biblical subjects on both sides of the Atlantic. The work for which he is best remembered is his 1909 dispensational premillennial Scofield Reference Bible.” Because of the fame of Mr. Scofield many institutions have adopted this name for their organizations. We are affiliated with no other institution including those who may bear the name Scofield. We are a completely stand-alone organization. Any similarity is purely coincidental. There is absolutely no alignment with any other Scofield organization.

If you have completed part of a bachelor’s or masters degree at another qualified school, consider earning your degree here. We offer a program to complete your degree here. Write or call us for details. Info@scofieldinstitute.org, 877-706-2479.